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Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Hydraulic Control Butterfly Check Valve

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Hydraulic control butterfly check valve is one type of hydraulic control butterfly valve.As the manner of water current cutoff for straight outlet conduit atthe large pumping station, the hydraulic control butterfly check valve,characterized with its reliable cutoff, controllable butterfly valve inopening and closing, is applied in various projects. Then what is theright way to install, operate and maintain the hydraulic control butterfly valve? This article explores the installation, operation and maintenance of hydraulic control butterfly check valve.

The Hydraulic control butterfly check valve is installed at the outlet of each water pump. The control cabinet of butterfly valve is installed in the motor layer of the factory building,while the control cabinet and the rotary actuator are connected by the high-pressure oil pipe. In the installation of butterfly valve, the surface of flange should be vertical with the foundation level, and the joints on the pipe around the butterfly valve should be welded well. In the installation of high-pressure oil pipe and the discharge pipe, that the joints will not leak oil should be ensured. After adjusting the parameters like the time of opening valves and closing valves, the trial operation should be started. In the trial operation, the oil level of the oil tank should be checked; and each of the control valves should be at the right position. The range of pressure maintaining of the accumulator and the top oil pressure of the system should be checked.

In starting the opening valve of the multi cell pump, the pressure should be relatively stable. When closing the valve, the rise of pressure should be within a permitted range, and there is little or no inversion for the pump. In the normal operation, the start and stop of the pump should follow the coordination of the valve and the pump, and make sure the butterfly valve can stop automatically when the accident happens. In the operation of the pump the butterfly valves should be in the state of fully opening all the way, and the fully opening signal light in the central control room should also be on all the way. In the operation, the start signal light of the oil pump motor should be monitored. When the oil pressure is lower than 6MPa resulted from the drop of the oil level of oil tank, the oil pump motor will start the oil pump automatically and add oil to maintain the pressure. At this time, the start signal light of oil pump motor is on. If the oil is frequently added or the signal light is on all the way, the butterfly valve should be overhauled.

The maintenance of the hydraulic control butterfly check valve for sale is very convenient. The lubricating oil should be added on the connecting pin of the joints monthly. The turbine oil in the oil tank

should be replaced every year, and at the same time the filter should be cleaned and the precipitation should be disposed of. Also, the outsideof the butterfly valve and the control cabinet should be cleaned.

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