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Difference Between Gate Valve & Butterfly Valve

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Valves are devices applied for control and regulation of flow of liquids, gases or other medium. Valves usually come in various types and they differ in many aspects such as sizes, working conditions, materials, etc. Among all different valves, the butterfly valves and gate valves are two distinct members and are slightly different. Now let's have a look at the two valves. The Hydraulic Control Butterfly Check Valve

is a type of rotary valve, with the disc rotating together with axle to realize the opening or closing of the valve.

It mainly functions as cutting off or regulating the flow. Butterfly valves come in various types, such as bidirectional sealing knife gate valve and soft seated butterfly valve. It's called butterfly valve because of the handle in the valve that bears resemblance to butterfly like wings. The butterfly valve can block off the flow with 1/4 turn of its handle. It is mainly used in pipeline of ships or households. The butterfly valve is much smaller than globe valve and is rather long lasting. It's advantageous in smooth shut-off the flow without leaks, yet it's not tight. Besides, it's easy to repair or maintain. Moreover, butterfly valve is easy to

operate and has easy structure, only composed by several accessories. As long as it rotates 90 degrees, it can realize fast opening or closing.

The Rubber Seated Gate Valve is a kind of valve that can start or stop the flow with its gate disc. The movement of its disc is vertical with that of the flow. The gate valve can only realize full opening or shut-off of the flow, but fail in regulating the volume of the flow. Its valve handle comes in either round shape of octagonal shape. It is one of the isolation valves meant for diverting liquids. Unlike the butterfly valve, it is linear valve that moves in straight line. Just like other water tap, the gate valve shuts off the flow with the inside metal disk sliding up or down. For the tolerance inside the valve is not small enough for the water to flow through, the gate valve is not supposed to be widely applied. It's ideal for application in low temperature and pressure. Compared with the Rubber Seated Gate Valve supplier, the butterfly valve is much flexible and can be used for regulating the flow besides its function of opening or shut-off. The butterfly valve is especially suitable for application in large diameter pipeline for

very fast opening or shut-off. Now, it's widely used as pipeline in metallurgy, light industry, petrochemical industry, etc.

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